Micheline Mathieu was born in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris in 1946. She now lives and works in Theil-Rabier,a small village in the Charente region of France. She has been working as a self- taught painter since she was fourteen. First influences were Utrillo, Chagall and Van Gogh and as well, she regularly visited picture exhibitions. She eventually became a chief accountant, but throughout her career she never relinquished her interest in painting so that twenty years ago, she left her job in order to devote herself to her art.

During these years, her style has undergone major changes. As the critic, Thierry Sznytka wrotes in Art Actualité Magazine in December 1999 “Micheline Mathieu who was a successful painter of Charente’s village scenes chose to deliberately break off with the facility of descriptive painting in order to explore the representation on the canvas of moods and feelings.

More and more her pictorial work is oriented towards the raising of emotions. Her skillful compositions with the evocative titles she chooses, combined with her mastery of painting technique, open the mind to unexpected feelings and raise unforeseen mental images.



Birth in Boulogne Billancourt.


End of studies and first exhibition at La Galerie du Centre in La Baule.


Works as a chief accountant.


Decides to devote her time exclusively to painting. Her subjects are mainly country landscapes. Several exhibitions in Poitou-Charentes and Pays Nantais.


First works of still-life with compositions in which mouldy bottles, pitchers and rusty jugs seem to converse. Starts contributing to group exhibitions in Galerie des Sources in Angoulême.


Much research leading to compositions exploring the feminine and masculine body. Nude transparent figures on abstract structured background.

Exhibitions in Chalais « L’Art en dix mouvements » at Château de Talleyrand, at Galerie Roche in St Brévin, Galerie Tartifume and Galerie du Canal in Pornic.Group exhibitions in Nontron, and Sedan.


Monochrome portraits. Group exhibitions in Niort, Magné, and St Brévin.

Since 2005

Abstract paintings whose themes are re-interpreted figurative subjects or emotions. Experiments with mixed-media effects on the canvas by combining paint and different materials.

Exhibitions in Angoulême, Javarzay, Magné, Melle, Paris- Montreuil at « Les hivernales », Nontron, Paris (salle des ventes Drouot), and Pornic.


Permanently at Galerie Artitude - Paris and Galerie BDMC contemporary art - Paris

Exhibition in Pornic Galerie Arts-Thèmes